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It's been along time

So I come to find out the LJ is sending me thousands of E-mail messages daily because some how I over subscribed to various topics here (nerf). The only news I have besides my usual artistic crap is that I now have ALL of the BSG mixes I've made up for FREE download

at my soundclick page.

Just click the "full" link to see the download link.



S01 & S02 Finally!

So I finally bought Heroes Season 1 & 2 on DVD. Now I feel like an honest citizen... get to enjoy a few hours of stuff they didn't want to air in the deleted scenes section, awesome-ness-a-tude.
Bummer that they put each scene with the disc the episode is on, now I have to watch each disc in order to see the scene... why keep them attached? If they are deleted scenes why no put them on a separate disc?

New Video Type

Good-bye slide-show scheme, got a new way of doing videos for fan-mixes as well as personal works. Now the pictures move... Oooo... but it is more aesthetically pleasing for everyone this way.
The first of this new video-type is my "Regeneration & Fire" Heroes Remix from the TV show Heroes on NBC. - Season Finally; (season 3) Awesome! Glad to see brothers become enemies... look forward to the combining of abilities to make the heroes work together. - I'm working on redoing "Gaeta's Lament" but I haven't finished yet... debating about whether to use only season 4 clips... anyway if you keep up with me check it out.

Done! One to Go.

Ugh! ... I just had the worst time producing another BSG fan-mix... I kept finishing it and then listening to it and hate how everything was mixed, or not liking the automation on one track, every bounce I'd listen to it one or two times and HAVE to go back and edit something...

I based the theme around the opening title theme for Battlestar Galactica... funny I didn't sync the vocals or map the original audio track in anyway... what you'll hear is exactly how the track on the CD sounds.  It is called "Walk the Gods" and I actually made a rough mix of it in January and just sat on it until I shared Rebirth a couple months ago.  I never thought I'd finish this track but now with the end coming I felt I should.  The fan-mix is 4-On-the Floor based electronica and I tried to hit a universal note with most electronica junkies while maintaining a true BSG sound/feel/vibe.  I like it... I'll probably use it in my Live! set, hope evreyone else likes it too.


Creative Bumps

Been awhile... I'll try and do better...

So due to the wonderful nature of the economy I've been forced to work on my fan-mixes less and less, BUT! I have pretty much finished one of the two BSG themes I've been working on.  I've been kicking around and playing with two musical themes from BSG; one a believed Starbuck theme, and the second being the Heed the Call fan-mix I've mentioned before.  Heed the Call is becoming increasingly difficult to nail down in a "correct" style and arrangement.  Bear's music is powerful and any mix I do of his work can't reek of cheezi-ness and amateur mistakes, and I keep feeling like I can't make you smash your foot and say "Yes! That's awesome."  So I'm stuck kicking around two different artistic directions for Heed... *places song on imaginary shelf*

As for the other it is a believed Starbuck theme, however I've heard it used all over the show as a sort of Colonial theme, so rather than step on any toes I'll just say it is a Starbuck Colonial theme.  I decided to do this theme because I heard an incredibly uplifting fan-mix of it when I started kicking around the melody.  Starbuck is very dark and miserable for most of BSG, a sort of "rowdy" character... nothing you'd attach to holy or prophetic.  But because of her special events at the end of season 3, all must have been made to feel some deeper spiritual connection with her... funny how we are made to like her knowing all her wrongs (and all her rights).  I moved it in a highly progressive direction (about 2:00 when you might be able to recognize the theme) and decided to go with an uplifting appeal... BSG is going to get soo dark up ahead, I wanted to have something of light.  The track is called Beautiful Discovery and it should be ready on YouTube tomorrow... I really gotta find someone who can edit and make BSG movies to go with the music.

What Is A Fan-Mix?

Fan-Mix: (fan-miks) [n] any compilation, arrangement, composition, re-engineering of audio of any cultural media to express ones creative aptitude as well praise for the media itself. 
Like remixing in the music industry but instead of just a pop song it could be a minor/major theme from a TV show, movie, or other cultural fad.  I guess the main key in defining the word would be that there is a main or relevant theme directly related to the media itself; lots of fans of Star Wars do remixes of the Star Wars theme whether it be a "techno" version of the fan-mix or orchestral rearrangement of the piece, I would say they all fall under the definition of a fan-mix.

In most of my mixes I enjoy hashing out the melody through an electronic ear.  Don't get me wrong I can compose music in most languages, I just prefer the one of digital static (electronica) because it allows for a unique form of math to filter through everything you hear.  Some find no love in the idea of reinterpreting a melody/theme but to them I ask; when you where little did anyone ever read stories to you in voices?  Did you complain if they did not do it right?  I hear a song, and then sometimes I hear a more powerful song within that melody, or visa versa.  Hate it or love it, I pull the melody out as best I can.  Most of the stuff I've shared is Battlestar Galactica based but I have dozens of other themes including some video game ones like Starfox (SNES) and Chrono Cross (PS1).  I have fan-mix movie themes like Last of the Mohicans, Meet Joe Black, and Apollo 13, as well.  I've even done interpitive mood music mixes for a few of my favorite book series like, Enders Game and Forgotten Realms.  I compose my own original music but most of it isn't shared.

The Slip for the Slide

So the first set of ratings came out for Heroes (NBC) from this past week (308 - Villains) and... well, it is not looking good.  My heart breaks a little... I feel like I'm flushing a dead gold fish slowly; sad, I have a child-like "don't wanna" attitude.  Even my fan mix(es) of the Shankar vocal theme ("Fire & Regeneration") isn't receiving any love.  -That could be other factors too, I admit, but the ambient mix is still really relaxing & nice.-  The show is slipping away and no one on staff wants to create a way to satisfy the hunger of the audiences expectations.  I was such an X-men brat when I grew up, it was soo great to finally have a show doing something with a super-hero character type.  Now I feel they run into simple problems like not reacting to the environment around them correctly, and not really showing a proper development of what something like "having powers" does to the psychy.  Too many chefs in the kitchen when we are trying to garden!  ... futile.

***Hangs head***

One the upside, the Shippers (BSG) love the remix of the Bear McCreary song "Roslin & Adama," (Battlestar Galactica Season 2 OST)  
It is so funny because I composed that remix back in January after I finished catching up with all of BSG (season 3... &BTW, wow! to season 3 forever).  I put the mix on ice and said I'd pull it out for fun one day if I ever decided to do live work again.  I made a few other "fan-mixes" that were BSG related, Warped, Leoben's Testament, Walk the Gods, but they did not have the same emotional impact as Rebirth they were also not "4 On the Floor" electronica as well, except for Walk the Gods it has kick in it.  Some say Leoben's Testament is pretentious, others say Warped is too dark an outlook... funny how most of the people who've said these things don't watch the show, whatever... but I never really shared the mixes with fans until recent.  In fact, most of the reason I even decided to share is in part to someone talking me into it.  I banged out some images to go with the theme and posted.  Figured YouTube be best, spent hours reading all the forms... posted what I thought people would find most interesting, the fan-stuff.

Now I'm working and kicking around BSG themes again to be ready for January (Live Set, & show returns), I've started something but hey, we'll see if it will fly...

Hello All

So one of my streams from YouTube.com is getting love from LiveJournal members (thank you!) so I figured I would make an account too and share.  I composed the tracks from the TV show Battlestar Galactica on Sci-Fi, I'm a huge fan.  I've been composing since I 15 years old and finally started to put all my knowledge into themes I love from the show.

I have an artist myspace page as well as my YouTube page, and I post on a NBC Heroes forum called Got Heroes? I like to do fan-made audio projects of all sorts. If you got something you'd like to hear leave me a message here or on one of my pages.

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